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ชั้นวินิจฉัย สมบัติ และวัสดุดิน     ลักษณะที่ใกล้เคียงหรือเหมือนกันที่ใช้ท�งอนุกรมวิธ�นดิน

               Gypsiric material**       5% or more gypsum
               Histic horizon            Histic epipedon

               Hortic horizon            Deep, P rich, anthropedogenic horizon

               Hydragric horizon         Redox features resulting from wet cultivation

               Irragric horizon          Light-coloured surface resulting from irrigation
               Limnic material           Limnic layer of coprogenous earth, diatomaceous earth and marl

               Lithic discontinuity      Lithologic discontinuity

               Melanic horizon**         Melanic epipedon

               Mineral material          Mineral material

               Mollic horizon            Mollic epipedon
               Natric horizon            Natric horizon

               Nitic horizon             Argillic horizon with shiny ped faces

               Organic soil material     Organic soil material
               Permafrost**              Permafrost

               Petrocalcic horizon**     Petrocalcic horizon

               Petroduric horizon**      Duripan

               Petrogypsic horizon**     Petrogypsic horizon

               Petroplinthic horizon     Petroferric contact
               Pisoplinthic horizon      40% or more of hardened pisolitic laterite or ironstone

               Plaggic horizon**         Plaggen epipedon

               Plinthic horizon          Plinthite

               Pretic horizon**          -
               Protocalcic properties**  Petrocalcic horizon

               Protovertic horizon       Low prominent of shrink-swell cracks, slickensides or wedge-shaped peds

               Reducing conditions       Aquic conditions

               Retic properties          Interfingering of albic materials
               Salic horizon             Salic horizon

               Secondary carbonates      Identifiable secondary carbonates

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